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Hi! My name is Jennie and I have known Dr Jack for around 5 or 6 years, and I have seen him DJ at a place called Lake View Lodge in Athens Texas , also at a club called the Silver Spur. He always has the best music choices for his audience! He is very friendly, funny and quite entertaining. He has a personality fit for any type of gathering, concert, you name it. I always recommended him to others for parties or weddings, etc. Feel free to email me with any questions you have, or give me a call.We live in Edom , Texas . Our Volunteer Fire Department holds a Fish Fry as a fundraiser and they hire Dr. Jack to provide the entertainment for the evening. He enjoys what he does and therefor, despite the heat, he was able to keep the event fun and lively even getting involved in the raffle. We would love to have him again at another fundraiser.Good dayI was asked by my friend Jack the DJ to drop you a short message about the party I had him do this last weekend. No question Jack is very capable to do almost any size party or event that you might need him for and adds great fun and excitement you won’t find very often to an event! There are people who play music and then there are DJ’s and Jack is no question a DJ who should be on radio or better. Very capable of playing music or better if you need someone to be an announcer for the event as well. Great at watching the crowd to make sure the music is working for them and great at changing things if it slows down. Jack came highly recommended to me and thankful we chose him. Jack was also able to take pictures and video at our event which really rounded out all of his abilities and brought something you don’t normally get…PR for after the event!

In the end he is a great guy and easy to work with. Please email me if you have any other questions and all the best with your event. I am surely looking forward to it since I am born and raised in the Ski and Snowboard industry(Berg’s Ski and Snowboard Shop in Eugene ) with a little sand-skiing under my belt as well! Take care!

Jarl Berg

To whom it may concern,

I would like to take this time to let you know some things about Dr.Jack. I understand he may DJ you’re event this weekend, and I would like to just let you know how well of a job he did for my event that I put on in Edom TX. The event is called April in Edom , it had been going on for the past 6 years. This past April I was given Jacks name and called him right away. Myself and Jack met and I knew I had a winner. Jack had some great Ideas for the event and jumped right on board. Jack did his thing for two day’s and people loved it. His style is one of a kind… If you have any questions please call me anytime.

Matt Malone

Dr. Jack, DJ, has asked me to serve as a reference for him. I have seen Jack do his DJ work a couple of times.

The first time I saw him was in April 2011 at a festival in Edom , Texas . I believe it was called April in Edom . There was a lot of local artist set up showing off their artwork and Jack was set up at the old gas station (no longer a gas station and more like an old men’s club) at the only intersection in Edom . He had his sound system hooked up, was playing a wonderful variety of music, and had the crowd eating out of his hand. He played everything from Journey to Roger Miller! That night there were no raffles, just people milling up and down the main drag in Edom checking out the art and sampling the local food.

The second time I saw Jack perform his Dr Jack DJ show was in June 2011. The town of Edom sponsored a “Cruise Night”. Old cars and pick-up trucks were the main attraction. As usual, Jack was set up in front of the old gas station with his sound system. Again, he played a wonderful variety of music. This time there was a drawing involved (a raffle) and Jack was the announcer for the raffle. He once again had the crowd eating out of his hand. He has a way of interacting with the crowd that keeps them laughing and makes them feel like they are personal friends, even if they have never met him. I am an avid people watching fan. When I went to Cruise Night I decided to take a seat under the awning of the old gas station and listen to Dr Jack’s tunes and do some people watching. As each song played I noticed how the crowd seemed to get into it. As a Michael Jackson song filled the air I scanned the main street and saw a toddler dancing with his mama and a couple of old cars down there was an eighty year old doing a jig, too. It was fun to watch Dr Jack get everyone going. The next tune to come along was an old Roger Miller tune. The eighty year old had found him a woman to dance with and a nearby biker was enjoying it by bouncing a baby girl on his knee.

Dr Jack has a way of getting a crowd to feel like one big family and a way of getting all genres of music to appeal to everyone. He is a talented DJ.

Ruth Dickson

Hi, my name is Kara Warner. I am emailing you as a reference for Dr. Jack. I went to college with him, which is how I know him. He was the DJ for my wedding reception. He’s fun. He has a lot of personality and just wants to have a good time and wants everyone one around to have a good time as well. He had karaoke setup for us to do. It was fun. He will do any songs you request. He even gives you an outline to fill out for him to be able to announce the wedding party as they come in and certain songs that you want played for your first dance with your new hubby and the dance with your father. He also did a dance where you had to pay the bride and groom to dance with them. He will take requests throughout the reception. He even played musical chairs for the kids that were there.

My reception was a really fun time. So fun that my husband and I stayed the whole time before leaving for our honeymoon. He’s a really fun guy and I think that your reception will definitely benefit from him being your DJ! I hope you choose him for your DJ.

My wedding was 4 years ago and I would be willing to bet that he has incorporated even more things for you and your guests to enjoy.

If you have any questions about him. Let me know.

i would like to put in a recomendation for dr jack as a dj. ive used him many times and he is a true professional. i even used him as a m.c. for my big country fest that i do. thanks mark brown…..903-394-2988 if you have any questions.

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I would like to let you know Dr J is a top notch DJ. He has a warm drawing personality that goes super with his selection of music and the sound he sends out. We can’t wait to hear him again.

Thomas (Tom) J Goulter
USAF Retired

Birthdays $100, Karaoke Party $200.....

Welcome to Dr Jack’s Blog.

I am a DJ/ Film Maker… I like to have fun so I decided to do it for a living….

I have a few projects in the works…

#1 is Euro Lounge @ Feast…Down Town Florence… far its every other  Saturday but we are hoping for an all ages night..

Next party is Sept 23rd…..21 and up….5 bucks at the door..

#2 is the Lunch Box…Its a sandwich place I will be doing some commercials for..We will see how that goes..

End of first blog entry….